New Tools to Help Members Retain and Acquire Clients

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Firms of all sizes continue to face competitive pressures when it comes to their tax practices. In the marketplace of tax services, CPAs must make it clear to consumers the benefits and value of hiring them over other service providers. The AICPA Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit is an ideal—and free—set of resources to bolster your current client base and actively reach out to prospective clients. The Toolkit’s messaging will help you establish yourself as a leading provider of tax services, 12 months of the year.

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Getting the Word Out About Your Practice (While Saving Money and Time)

Within the Toolkit are customizable materials intended to help you as a tax practitioner reach potential clients and be ready for business opportunities. What can you say or send as a follow up to someone who asks what you do? Is your child’s school looking for ad sponsors for a game or play program? Your local paper would likely appreciate a tax expert offering tips for their readers.  

The range of Toolkit resources enables you to reach consumers from many different angles, including ads, presentations, social media posts, pay-per-click ads, a sample media advisory, and brochures covering both tax law changes and the advantages of working with a CPA.

 Understanding the Benefits You Offer

 Key to all these efforts is an accurate sense of what sets your tax practice apart. If you were to spend the next hour—by yourself or with your staff—discussing your firm’s value, what would you come up with? You might say it’s your client service—how you manage each account. Perhaps it’s the breadth of services you offer to address a full range of client needs. Or maybe it’s how you see what is behind the numbers on a return and ask questions to gain insights which you can translate into a solid, objective plan of action.

 Keeping those Great Clients

Whatever specific answers you come up with, it will be time well spent. You’re likely to discover that while clients come to you for different reasons, ultimately they seek you out because they recognize your value. But it’s important not to take them for granted. Reminding clients of your value regularly and year round is easy with the Toolkit tools, such as website articles and tweets for consumers, as well as client letters and brochures on tax changes that require planning.

The materials in the Tax Practitioner’s Toolkit help you reinforce your relationships, while highlighting the essential quality that makes them possible: No other tax preparer has the education, experience and expertise to more ably assist their clients with all their tax and financial needs than a CPA.

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