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Disciplinary Auditor at Office of Disciplinary Counsel

Job posted on March 29, 2019

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Office of Disciplinary Counsel


201 Merchant Street, Suite 1600

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Faye Hee
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Job Description

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel is seeking professional (need not be CPA) or experienced bookkeeper to inspect (audit) trust accounts of lawyers consistent with the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct and the Hawaii Rules Governing Trust Accounts. HRPC Rule 1.15, and HRGTA Rules 4 and 5. [Note: the term "audit" is used loosely and does not contemplate GAAP/GASP or PCAOB standards.] Attorney client trust accounts are pooled bank accounts deposited, and are required to have subsidiary ledgers for each client detailing all deposits and withdrawals during the attorney-client relationship. Those subsidiary ledgers are required to be reconciled with the bank statement balance on a monthly basis. Attorneys are required to keep all deposit and withdrawal records for the entire time the client matter is open and for 6 years after termination. The Auditor is sought to review the accounts to determine whether the attorney is in compliance with the rules. At the conclusion of the audit, the auditor would be required to prepare a report to attest to compliance or non-compliance. Should non-compliance be found, it may form the basis for professional discipline against the attorney and the auditor may be needed to testify as to the auditor's method and findings. Auditors, as ODC staff, will enjoy immunity from suit. The position would be part-time/hourly, and telecommuting is possible, provided that occasional sessions in our downtown office (for meetings or hearings) will be necessary. The position does not necessarily require any interaction with the attorneys being audited as ODC Investigators will secure all the records or documents needed for the inspection

How to Apply

If you are interested, please contact:

Faye F. Hee
Disciplinary Board Administrative Director
201 Merchant Street, Suite 1600
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808)521-4591 ext 225

Closing Date

April 30, 2019

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