Chief Financial Officer at Maryknoll School

Job posted on April 30, 2021

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Maryknoll School


Honolulu, Hawaii

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Shana Tong
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(808) 952-7302

Job Description

Chief Financial Officer, Maryknoll School

Position: Chief Financial Officer, Maryknoll School

Supervisor: President

Job Status: Regular Full-Time

Responsibilities: The Chief Financial Officer shall be responsible for the School’s financial affairs and non-academic operations, consistent with its mission. The Chief Financial Officer will:

· Manage the financial operations of the school with accurate financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting;

· Leads the development of the annual operating and capital budgets and the long-range strategic plan in conjunction with other administrators, including the preparation of financial forecasts and analysis;

· Facilitate the annual independent audit and provide auditors with internal financial records, analysis, and documents necessary to complete the independent audit;

· Oversee the banking activities, financial investments, payroll/benefit programs and maintain working relationships with the financial and investment institutions;

· Assist the president with decisions regarding compensation, i.e., salaries and benefits for all personnel;

· Manage and develop financial aid policies and procedures;

· Provide staff support, in conjunction the Pastor, the School Board, and Board Committees, such as the Finance Committee and Facilities Committee;

· Oversight of the facilities director, technology director, human resources and business office personnel;

· Represent the School at various regional, state, and national associations relative to the role of being the Chief Financial Officer, (i.e., HAISBO);

· Manage and comply with record retention policy;

· Supervise and manage safety and insurance;

· Oversight of credit and collections;

· Manage finances and financial reporting of the Foundation for Maryknoll.


· A minimum of 10 years of progressive leadership in accounting/finance, five years in a controller position preferred;

· Experience with Blackbaud software preferred;

· Ability to communicate to a wide spectrum of audiences;

· Leadership, management, organizational, interpersonal, and decision- making skills;

· Ability to be an agent of change.

Employment Type: Full Time

How to Apply

Please contact Mrs. Shana Tong, President of Maryknoll School.

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