GST Tax From A to Z

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

6:30am – 2:00pm
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8.0 hours CPE credit

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CalCPA Education Foundation


Experience with trusts and estate planning principles.


Learn the intricacies of the generation-skipping transfer tax, a complex and often counterintuitive law, and review how to recognize your clients' GST planning opportunities.

Gain practical, in-depth knowledge of GST tax compliance and trust administration issues; understand how to complete tax forms related to the GST tax; and explore advanced planning and compliance techniques with life insurance trusts. This course will also discuss how to integrate the exemption allowance with estate planning and return preparation, and learn other GST planning opportunities.

An expanded illustrated Form 709 with GST exemption allocations is included in the materials. Although GST tax is a concern for fewer taxpayers as a result of the increase of the GST exemption following the 2017 Tax Act, it remains a must-know for CPAs since it impact can be significant for the most wealthy estates and it remains a trap for liability claims for estate planners and preparers of Forms 706 and 709, among others.

Materials are provided as an ebook.


  • Events that trigger GST tax
  • Allocation rules for GST exemption
  • How to implement and report qualified severances of trusts
  • GST on Form 709: Allocation of exemption (current, late and protective elections)
  • Completion of Schedule R to Form 706; Forms 706GS(D) and 706GS(T)
  • Reverse QTIP elections and portability elections
  • GST tax traps with life insurance trusts and advanced planning
  • Crummey trusts
  • GST issues with subtrust funding and administration on death of first spouse
  • Impact of recent changes in law.


  • Recognize GST law, events, special terms, recognition of issues and tax compliance with GST tax forms.
  • Identify case examples, ranging from simple GST situations to complex applications and compliance issues.
  • Identify how to maximize the benefit of the inflation adjusted GST exemption.
  • Learn key planning tips and the traps to avoid.
  • Learn crucial rules integrating gift tax reporting for effective GST reporting and exemption elections.
  • Learn helpful tips for making timely and late allocation of GST exemption and avoid unwanted deemed allocations of GST exemption.
  • Identify sample trust provisions to avoid GST problems.

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