Practical Tips for Controllers & CFOs

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

6:30am – 2:00pm
(Registration: 6:00am)

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8.0 hours CPE credit

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This full day course provides over two hundred useful and unusual tips for accountants in financial leadership. These non-technical tips are illustrated through concrete examples derived from practical experience. You won’t find these tips in courses or text books, but you’ll be able to use many of them. Value will also be derived from the sharing of experiences and practices by the participants. This seminar “grows” continuously as new tips are added from participants. It provides specific opportunities for bench-marking your practices with those of your peers. Over 6,500 accountants have attended this seminar which was created and is presented by an experienced current CFO, with extensive real-life insight.


Great tips on key indicator reporting
Unusual people management tips
Innovative negotiation ideas
The fast close
Extra creative thinking for accountants
Auditors & lawyers: minimizing costs
More useful financial reporting
Straight talk on ethics
Critical steps when you change jobs
Useful technology tips
Getting the most out of your bank
Cash flow crisis: what to do when it happens
Working with cost-saving consultants


1. Identify key indicators to measure a business
2. Determine people management techniques that apply
3. Match negotiating approaches with situations
4. Identify critical steps when changing jobs
5. Select creative thinking options to solve problems
6. Identify fast close methodologies
7. State methods of reducing legal and audit costs
8. Recall useful technology tips
9. Recognize the application of useful financial reporting tips
10. Outline ethical approaches in ethically challenging situations

Designed For

The course is aimed at Controllers and CFOs and accountants in leadership positions, as well as those in public practice or consulting, who advise clients. It is also helpful for financial analysts and accountants moving toward senior leadership roles. Because of the wide range of topic coverage, most accountants would benefit from this seminar, unless they are pure specialists, i.e. forensic, tax, IT, bankruptcy or valuations or audit.

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