[WEB] Advanced S Corporation Tax Workshop

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Thursday, December 8, 2022

8:30am – 4:00pm
(Registration: 8:30am)

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8.0 hours CPE credit


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Accountant's Education Services (AES)


Knowledge of S corporations


This course is designed to deal with many of the operating issues and planning ideas available to a business operating as an S corporation, including IRS audit issues and common problems associated with a C corporation that has recently elected S corporation status.


  • Discuss the problems associated with one-class-of-stock rules and check-the-box regulations.
  • Describe issues related to compensation and fringe benefits, including compensating an employee with an ownership interest in the S corporation.
  • Explain problems and pitfalls in allowing a trust to hold S corporation stock, including an
    ESBT and QSST, as well as having a marital trust make either an ESBT or QSST election.
  • Identify specific problems with S corporation loan and stock basis, net negative adjustment, and AAA, including maximum amount of loss deductible under the basis and at-risk rules, repayment of debt, guarantee of corporate debt, and corporate distributions with and without sub-C earnings and profits, as well as reporting the K-1 items on Form 7203.
  • Discuss the treatment of S corporation cancellation of debt (COD) income.
  • Discuss the passive loss rules and the self-charged interest rules and the calculation of qualified business income under § 199A.
  • Discuss the practical problems that may be encountered if the S corporation operates in a state which has enacted the PTE election.
  • Discuss strategies for minimizing the built-in gains tax.
  • Calculate the tax on excess net passive income.
  • Use the stock redemption rules to the advantage of the S corporation shareholder.
  • Discuss the liquidation of an S corporation, including §338(h)(10) and §336(e) elections.
  • Employ an S corporation in a reorganization, including qualified subchapter S subsidiaries.

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