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Thursday, June 1, 2023 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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Personal Development

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1 hour CPE credit

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Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC




Participants have nine hours before tonight's birthday party, and as they begin the workday, they must review and prioritize their task list to maximize productivity. How much can they get done? As they set off on their day by clicking through each task on the list, they will encounter interruptions and distractions from colleagues. Players must manage these interruptions while staying on track. Their responses will affect the day's priorities as well as the number of hours they consumed throughout the day.


  • Managing interruptions 
  • <span data-ccp-props="{'201341983':0,'335559739':160,'335559740':259}" class="eop"> The role of to-do lists
  • <span data-ccp-props="{'201341983':0,'335559739':160,'335559740':259}" class="eop"> Creating an effective time management plan
  • <span data-ccp-props="{'201341983':0,'335559739':160,'335559740':259}" class="eop"> Staying on track of your time management plan
  • <span data-ccp-props="{'201341983':0,'335559739':160,'335559740':259}" class="eop"> Blocking out time


  • Recognize how you use your time most effectively 
  • Understand your priorities when budgeting time 
  • Manage external events that consume time 
  • Be familiar with strategies for resolving time management problems 

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Accounting and financial service professionals needing to develop or improve time management skills

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